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The Rabbit Hole Of: God, Faith, and Love

I have always believed that God was real. Something created this earth. The big bang never made sense to me logically. But the God I knew was not a loving God. He was someone to be feared like everyone else in my life. Someone that would see me as my parents saw me as the perpetual screw up that could do no right no … Read More The Rabbit Hole Of: God, Faith, and Love

The Rabbit Hole of: Never Feeling Safe

Since my earliest memories I can not remember a time that I truly felt safe as a person. I am not talking about physically safe. Though a lot of my life I did not feel physically safe either. The safety I am talking about is emotional safety. I have thought about this a lot in the last few months. I use to have a … Read More The Rabbit Hole of: Never Feeling Safe

The Rabbit Hole Of: Vindication

Have you ever wondered what it must feel like for a person to be convicted of a crime that they did not commit, be sentenced to life with no possibility of parole, but then decades later some evidence is found that changes the whole case and their innocence is proven? I have wondered what it was like for them when they returned to the … Read More The Rabbit Hole Of: Vindication

The Rabbit Hole Of: Melody No Hope

To understand my story I have to start at the beginning. Before I was even conceived. It was 1981, my parents have been married about 4 year. My older sister is 3. From all the stories I have heard they were a very happy family of three. The only problem that I am aware of was that the woman that gave birth to me … Read More The Rabbit Hole Of: Melody No Hope

My Story

I have always been told I’m unforgettable. Not because I’m anything special. But because I as a person make no logical sense. I’m like no one else people meet. No one understands me. Not even the many therapist I have seen in the last 6 years. I defy even the psychiatric communities logical understanding of how the human mind and spirit works. I have … Read More My Story